about gerbion

gerbion has been founded 2003 by the virologist and moleclar biologist Christoph Metzger-Boddien, PhD and Georg Klopfer, MBA. The goal of both founders was, to create self-financing business. Therefore, a service branch for BSE-testing and further lab testing (e.g. antibody testing in flu vaccination studies) was established. The service lab has been accredited according to ISO/IEC 17025. The margin out of this business was used to develop exceptional in vitro diagnostics for molecular testing. Since 2005, the portfolio continously became larger. Multiplex real time PCR Kits were combined with multi purpose nucleic acid extraction kits. gerbion is certified as in vitro diagnostics producer according to ISO 13485 since 2012.

In the past years, gerbion could establish a very successful service branch for contract development and/or production of in vitro diagnostics for detection of infectious agents from human, veterinary and environmental samples.

Recently, gerbion has launched the virellaSARS-CoV-2 seqc real time RT-PCR Kit 2.0. This kit is worldwide the only one, not only detecting 3 WHO-recommended viral target sequences (S-, RdRP- and E-gene), but also includes an internal system control for analysis of sample quality and an internal extraction control for qualification of the nucleic acid extraction from various samples. The controls help to get valid results and especially prevent false negatives due to poor sampling or sample preparation.

Furthermore, gerbion has gotten the approval for virellaASFV seqc real time PCR by the German authority FLI (registration number FLI-C 080). The African Swine Fever Virus (ASFV) threatens wild boars and livestock in Europe since 2014. The economical losses in affected plants and countries are tremendous. Culling of complete herds and trade restrictions for meat products are prescribed by (european) law. Therefore, the status „disease-free“ is important to keep business. Since vaccination does not work and antibody response of affected animals is weak, virellaASFV seqc real time RT-PCR is the most efficient way, to rule out infections in livestocks. As with virellaSARS-CoV-2 seqc real time RT-PCR also virellaASFV seqc real time PCR includes 2 controls, preventing false negatives due to impaired sampling, nucleic acid extraction and inhibition.

We are pleased to announce the new respiraScreen 1 real time RT-PCR. The test includes the detection of FluA and FluB, SARS-CoV-2 and RSV A and RSB B together with an internal process control in one reaction. The kit is available from July 2020.